Location: California, USA

Industry: Vending Machine Manufacturer

Project Scope: Various Projects Across Their Ecosystem

Tigerfish Software has worked with The Vendors on various initiatives from Coding one of the new vending machines firmware to helping them build a new touchless vending mobile application. We have also had the privilege with getting involved in building their new state of the art web application built in Angular.js

The Venders is a leader in automated retailing, kiosk manufacturing, and custom vending. The company offers unique, proprietary automated systems that provide a wide range of user benefits.

Tigerfish Software worked on three different initiatives with The Vendors, from writing the code for controlling of the vending machine hardware to the creating of a touchless vending mobile application that allows Clients to collect product from a machine without having to touch it.

Platform & Architecture

The backend system was constructed using MSSQL databases C# .net Core technology. The firmware controlling the hardware were built using the Modbus protocol via C#.net core while all admin dashboards were created using Angular.js.

The system also comprises a native Mobile application built for both Android and iOS

      • C# .Net Core
      • Angular.js
      • MSSQL
      • ANDROID & iOS Native (Java & Swift)


The nature of the services provided by Tigerfish Software have been IT systems development, and maintenance.  Recently we have also had discussions about Tigerfish Software becoming our software development arm of our organisation.

 In my dealings with the company, they have impressed me as a professional organisation that is committed to provide good value to clients.  Tigerfish Software, has provided professional services and products of a good quality and consistency over the period of contractual association with The Venders. 

 The product which they have assisted with is multifaceted and complex and the completed product has proved to be highly innovative with great potential in the marketplace.  The team at Tigerfish Software have clearly had the technical skills and the leadership ability to bring this project to successful fruition.

 I wholeheartedly recommend Tigerfish Software to anyone looking to work with a professional team that has your best interests at heart.

I extend my best wishes to Tigerfish Software for continued success and influence in their field.


Robert Bienias



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